Even though there’s no more lockdowns, handcrafts continue to lead as hobbies in the textile field. And as summer is round the corner we want to show off our creations and enjoy their merry, warm colours at the beach.

Handmade purses for those who want to be exclusive

Sanflex proposes a number of novelties to customize accessories, such as summer purses and bags. The company recently presented jute bags, basic and in various sizes, with no added details. They are like canvases on which we can pour our creativity. To this end, there are appliqués and ribbons by this company, known for so many years, and also the new ethnic and glam ribbons, or wooden appliqués expanding the already extensive catalogue.

Handles are the key

This new DiY purse is a great project, but what about those old accessories we can bring back to life? There are natural bamboo and wooden handles that lend bags that beachy, summer touch we all like, and those purses we had almost forgotten about can look as good as new.

Sanflex knows that every occasion calls for a given style. So day or evening purses will need a touch that will make them personal and different. New leather and synthetic leather handles, with chains and metal clasps will help us create our own look. The personal seal our accessories need this summer, when we will attend celebrations and weddings that had to be postponed.

Handmade, and so much more

The range of novelties by Sanflex is not limited to handmade items, for the company expanded its catalogue with Schmetz machine needles, specifically meeting the needs of clients that make clothes or accessories. The catalogue is now more extensive, with this and many other brands including needles for all uses: denim, double tip, or stretch fabric.

There are many other products for clothes makers, as the new, special and quality exchangeable presser feet for sewing machines. In terms of threads, Sanflex brings Gutermann’s Maraflex, for stretch fabric, and the new industrial 2,500 mt. cones of Murofil.

The company’s website shows all novelties, including the expanded catalogue, and staff is always prompt to answer clients’ questions as they discover more and more products.


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