Sewing machine needles by Sales Work

Among the great product ranges by Pony we find sewing machine needles. Made for home use from high quality carbon steel wire, they come in many different types and sizes, as excellent tools that combine with good fabrics and threads to yield the best results.

These needles are available in three formats:

plastic box glued onto blister (5 or 10 needles) plastic box shrink-packed on blister (5 or 10 needles) plastic box (5 or 10 needles)

Uses also define the type of needle

Jersey (for woven fabrics), Embroidery (for embroidery sewing), Microfibre (fine cloths line gauze or linen), Overlock/Serger (for overlocking seams.), Stretch (stretch fabrics), Jeans (denim), Ball-point (setting fibres apart), Standard (universal needle for home use), Combi Pack (an assortment of needles), and Twin (twin, universal needles for decorative stitches or braiding).

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