Special attention to new market needs

Novelties in the haberdashery and textile handcrafts sectors are often conditioned – as in other fields in the world of fashion – by new trends emerging and developing from research work carried out at stylists’ studios. There is, however, an exception to this rule: masks have entered the segment of accessories due to COVID. To protect us from this virus, masks have become unexpected companions and we can buy them at specialized stores and pharmacies, though we can also make them at home, and customize them. This is the latest trend.

Everything necessary to make our own masks

Wearing customized masks is very convenient, for we avoid the risk of mix-ups, if we live with family or partners. By differentiating them we can guarantee we will be wearing our own as we leave our homes.

Botonfil will supply everything necessary, with Fat Quarter fabrics usually for patchwork projects but also excellent as material for protective masks. The range of products supplied by Botonfil includes fabric, flat elastic strap, elastic cord, clips…and a variety of products that will help us make our mask more attractive and comfortable as we need to wear it on a daily basis.

Embroidered appliqués

For plain fabric masks, if we do not want print patterns, we can use iron-on appliqués to customize them. There are lots of themes for both children and grownups, with fun embroidered images, so we will surely find one suiting our preferences. We need to remember that the risk of mix-ups is greater among children, at school or in the kindergarten, so iron-ons are particularly useful in their case.

Knitting, a technique that becomes more popular

It is obvious this COVID pandemic has completely changed our daily lives. And knitting, as other techniques and crafts, has always been among those hobbies people take up every season. There are variations in the levels of popularity, though now it has been indirectly favoured as we go out less frequently and there are fewer meetings with friends. There are many who have cancelled holiday trips and are staying home, so knitting is gaining ground. With more leisure time at home, we need yarn and wool for our knitting projects. Botonfil is aware of this and offers consumers a great range of products. With the right tools (knitting needles, safety pins, stitch hooks and other metal accessories) we can successfully create clothes, accessories, and home décor items.

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