Special attention to the haberdashery sector

The haberdashery sector has its origin in the Modern era and ever since then it has continued to evolve, sometimes faster and at other times slowed down by circumstances, depending on how decades would treat it. In the past, our grandmothers would go to the haberdashery store for sewing supplies, mostly to recycle clothes or use some leftover fabric to mend them. As to crafts, these were usually bobbin lace, knitting, crocheting, cross stitching or embroidery. Haberdashery has, fortunately, known how to adapt to new market trends and many products have also done so, transforming their intended purpose.

Customizing clothes

As opposed to what our grandmothers used to do to lengthen the lives of clothes, there are today many young people who want to customize their clothing items. Creativity is motivating many, and consumers love to add a personal touch that will differentiate their clothes. This process, is accompanied by the rewarding feeling of having made something with our own hands with results that amaze us all. Zippers, buttons, iron-ons, beads, ribbons, lace, glitter, crochet or bobbin lace appliqués…we can well say that every product – or almost –in a haberdashery store can awaken creativity. Customizing clothes is, without a doubt, a healthily addictive habit.

The new concept in textile crafts

Crochet is perhaps the technique revealing the greatest evolution. For it is no longer about sofa covers, doilies or pretty rugs, and has become almost a must for those who want to make their own clothes, beach items, necklaces, bracelets, and even rings. For them, crochet is a unique chance to be original, impressive. The new stage for crochet has left the basic white and pale shades behind, and also brought in so many colours.

Knitting has also evolved, and in the ‘80s it enjoyed its golden era, though it has come back today as the technique for trendy tops, sweaters, sofa rugs, etc.

Patchwork has followed along the same path. And with the great professional designers creating new patterns, followers of this craft and technique find motivation to imagine new challenges and projects.

Parera, full support

The vision of Grupo Parera is to be the travel companion of all haberdashery stores, and to this end it contributes every one of the latest trends in products that stand out for their variety and presence, so they spontaneously catch the eye of end consumers. It is obvious that good products generate interest, and this is a challenge in which Grupo Parera and haberdashery professionals work together, for the latter are the company’s immediate clients. They all work as a team, in order to appeal to new generations.

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