Party decorations for sharing good times

We love to celebrate birthdays and special occasions, and try to prepare it all with so much love. Decorations are the essential details that make the place look nice, ready for the good times we share. We interviewed the manager of Spiral by Safisa, Montserrat Figueras, and she shared ideas about how to decorate with ribbons and other items, and the most suitable colours we can choose. “Ribbons are great decorative elements, always so soft to the touch, and reusable. This is important, as we are all aware of how important it is to take care of our environment”, she says.

Piñatas and ribbons

What comes to mind are Mexican piñatas, in so many shapes and colours. However, there is proof that points to faraway China as the origin of this tradition. In our global world, we can learn about cultures and adopt foreign elements, as happens with piñatas, increasingly present in our own celebrations and designed with care. “We can create them in any shape we want, geometrical, or shaped as animals and other objects, or even with no specific figure in mind. Ribbons are always essential as decorations, and as the way girls and boys can pull the piñata open for sweets to rain on them. This makes ribbons important for the piñata to work as it should”, Montserrat Figueras explains.

Satin ribbons are, without a doubt, the most popular. They are classic, easy to buy at haberdashery stores, affordable, and – what matters the most – available in so many different colours we can match in any way we want.

Parties in the XXIst century

“Social media show us what goes on in so many places, and we find that for children’s parties every detail is important, with ah special focus on fantasy as it catches the eye of boys and girls alike. Ribbons are a good way of empowering this”, Montserrat Figueras comments. Piñatas, garlands, wreaths, dream catchers, are among the basic decorative items for birthday parties.

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