A good choice for home décor renovation 

Summer is a great season for making changes to home décor, for we have more spare time and can materialize ideas we have been keeping in the back burner for a long time. We talk with the Manager at Spiral by Safisa, Montserrat Figueras, to learn about novelties in the ribbons and bias tapes collection they are currently working on. “At Spiral by Safisa we love to experiment, with bias tapes and ribbons, and combine them with various items. It is fun to play and find out what the different materials can yield as results, always amazing. In other words, we love to discover new techniques that contribute value and emotion”.

At Spiral, the collection has grown larger, with new ribbons and fantasy bias tapes. Plant leaves, cactus patterns, all are now in fashion, as are navy print patterns. And pastel shades will perfectly match classic bias tapes, as Spiral makes them in so many different colours. There is clearly a goal of making 100% fantasy products, with exclusive patterns, designed by Spiral’s team.

We ask our interviewee about her recommendations for making changes to furniture in our homes. “We recently discovered Upcycling, and that helps us make good use of everyday objects to add value to them by using our imagination and creativity”. She tells us the process goes beyond recycling, as Upcycling includes an extra end result: creativity is all about new purposes and uses.

Braided puff seat

The starting point is hard to find out. We have discovered three different types of bias tapes were used: two classic bias tapes in green shades, and a fantasy tape from the new collection. So the cushion looks great, and we want to find out about the lower part. Our interviewee answers our question by saying: “Upcycling gave us an idea: using a car tyre to make a seat. There are changes in terms of esthetics, and the added value of a new purpose that is extraordinary. We love to give items a second chance, completely different to what they used to be initially, and this is twice as exciting”, Montserrat Figueras admits.

Whenever creativity and recycling are combined, results can be truly amazing if you think of that car you liked so much and the tyres you can use to make a puff seat. And if you use Spiral ribbons and bias tapes, transformation is even more incredible.

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