Passementerie has historically been present as decoration on all kinds of home décor items: furniture, home linen…and on personal clothes and accessories, as well as fancy jewelry and a number of other objects. It contributes to the quality and beauty of fabrics on which ribbons are applied, and for sure, it has evolved to adapt to today’s consumer preferences and needs.

Classic and modern trends

All of us will think of ribbons, tassels, fringes, cords, and other items as part of passementerie. We are used to finding those perfect details on upholstery, chairs, seats, sofas, richly decorated tablecloths, table runners, bed linen, towels, bathrobes, customized for all occasions. Also, baby items are customized to make them look prettier. Passementerie involves trimming or edging home décor or personal items, always in tune with fashion. For every project, we can choose either classic or modern looks.
Spiral by Safisa is well aware of the importance of bringing consumers a variety of choices, so every season, the catalogue shows additions: “We love to think our ribbons inspire, awakening creativity, and we believe in giving jeans, trousers, jackets or skirts a second life. Also, that velvet purse we are no longer using, or the ideal straw basket for days on the beach in the summer. All of these are things we keep just in case, perhaps in the back of our wardrobes”, says Montserrat Figueras, manager of Safisa.
Jacquard ribbons have a great potential in classic crafts projects. However, they also have their place in new hobbies, more specifically in techniques like scrapbooking, involving the creation of books or albums that keep alive our fondest memories, with a touch of art.

Colours, patterns, textures

“We find that Nature has lots of geometric shapes, and there is beauty in the waves of the ocean or the tops of mountains, so we mingle colours to create new patterns”, our interviewee describes. Among novelties, we find cool colours like magenta, and the classic ochre shades or light blue. There are various widths, too, from 20 mm. to 50 mm. Classic Jacquard ribbons in polyamide will remain as good as new for a long time, and colours will not fade as time goes by. Passementerie is a sector that is very much present and alive in our days, also in sectors like costumes, on holidays and festive occasions.

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