The all-time scissors celebrate 90 years manufacturing superior quality

 Tradición, Innovación y Diseño definen a 3 Claveles que este año cumple 90 años fabricando cuchillería. Actualmente es el único fabricante nacional de tijeras y uno de los tres primeros productores de tijeras forjadas del mundo.

Bueno Hermanos, S. A., Spanish makers of 3 Claveles scissors, is a family-owned business now including members of the fourth generation. The factory is located in Logroño – La Rioja (Spain), where a team of more than 100 people combine their know-how and expertise with values that have made 3 Claveles a leader in their sector over these 90 years.The facilities of the factory include the forgery and tempering stations, as these are two of the essential steps in the process of producing scissors. The hot forging process is the best way to turn steel into quality tools, so scissors remain sharp for accurate, best performance. Tempering, on the other hand, hardens the material, also improving results.Selected steel is subjected to various production processes and quality control of finished products make 3 Claveles scissors so resistant, reliable, lasting a lifetime. This involves more than 90 steps, to produce scissors that will always remain sharp.

For sewing and seamstresses

The sharp scissors make cutting fabrics very easy as they remain sharp, always. There are versions with symmetric and asymmetric finger rings.

For tailors

These scissors are larger in size, for cutting thick fabrics, or several layers of fabric. Blades are straight and finger rings are ergonomically designed in different sizes for improved efficiency.

Zigzag scissors

Pinking shears are ideal for cutting woven cloth that will easily fray, and
for unfinished edges.

Embroidery scissors

Small, with sharp points, straight or curved, embroidery scissors are ideal to protect the fabric. They are available in classic styles or with fantasy shapes like stork scissors or with cornucopia handles. A referent found at haberdashery stores and specialized points of sale, chosen by both professionals and semi-professionals or home users in this sector, who value quality, innovation, and design.

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