Two new products rekindling creativity

We find that creativity is often natural and spontaneous whenever you find the right product. This is precisely what happens with products by Gütermann. For as soon as you see them you start thinking of projects and you plan how to use them.

Deco Stitch 70, easy stitches

This Deco Stitch 70 thread by Gütermann Creativ turns accessories and clothes into unique items. Its silky sheen is ideal for creating unique things, with a passion and love for detail. Stitches and decorative showseams look so professional and pretty, for the three-ply thread with uniform, circular cross-section is excellent and will adapt to home sewing machines when creating decorative stitches on clothes or accessories. Deco Stitch 70 guarantees impressive effects.

The beautiful plain colours available result in elegant, stylish showseams. The multiple colours available make Deco Stitch 70 fresh, amazingly beautiful, with a silky sheen.

Deco Stitch 70 is produced using the Micro Core Technology® of most quality Gütermann Creativ threads, and exclusive circular spinning process based on micro filaments – Made in Germany. As a result, Deco Stitch 70 is truly quality top-stitch thread.

Denim 100 m, the best ally of Denim fabric

Gütermann says this thread turns your stitches into professional results. For Denim is not just for jeans as its daring, sturdy properties make purses, backpacks, cushion cases and other accessories into highly valued items.

With Denim 100 m by Gütermann creative you can be professional and creative, for showseams and stitches are sturdy, and every seam looks stylish, though it is resistant and it is so easy to use it guarantees professional, spectacular results, even when it is so easy to use.

For both new Denim fabric or recycled items, this low tension thread will always make the job easier. It resists tears, abrasion, and will not fade. So it is ideal for basic clothes or stylish decorative details, even when sewing several layers of fabric. Also excellent for cross stitching, Denim 100 m will yield exceptional results on both the sewing machine needle or bobbin. The special structure of the thread perfectly fits the cowboy style you want for your creations.

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