Wools that respect our environment

Tartan 3 is beautiful 100% Merino wool, carded, guaranteed as machine washable. The collection comprises different shaded colours, all lively, shade-on-shade, and intense. The manufacturing principle is original: flocked wool is dyed and then mixed with coarse wool in three different proportions. Every one of these mixtures is spin-dried and spun so that with one single dyeing process you obtain three, consistent and shaded colours. This reduces the ecologic footprint in dyeing processes.

We find that every product by Fonty comes in its own colour palette (a total of + 2,000) and that there is a segment of wools dyed naturally, with no chemical substances, resulting in fewer colours but with a plus: the guarantee of high respect for our environment.

Convincing, successful

In addition to properties mentioned above, Tartan is soft to the touch so that knitting is pleasant. Available in balls weighing 50 gr. (140 mt), it is 3.9 Nm thick and should be knitted with needles size 4. Quality-price ratio is very good, as every ball costs 6.80 Euros. The Tartan collection brings us a choice of 39 colours.

Expertise, contributed by 150 years always in business

Filature Fonty is one of the last natural wool mills remaining in France, also dyeing wool in accordance to natural methods. The team in this company continues building upon the legacy of valuable know-how awarded with the “Living Heritage Company” label. Filature Fonty is determined to continue loyal to its commitment towards French production, environmentally-friendly, eco-responsible, and based on natural fibers. Fonty is a leader in its sector, thanks to the expertise of so many years, and total faith in the products they manufacture.

And there is more…

In addition, among products found on the company’s website are books about knitting. They are of great help for those entering the magic world of creativity.

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