New products for the coming season

YKK upholds sustainability with a digital shop window highlighting the 2022 spring-summer collection. There are new features, like 3D and colour choices, in addition to virtual previews and online presentations. The heart of the 2022 spring-summer collection brings a variety of solutions like Natulon™, AcroPlating™ and Vision™Nylon.


The goal of this product range is the reduction of oil-derived materials, greenhouse-effect emissions, and plastic waste, as the tape of zippers is made from recycled polyester.


AcroPlating™ buttons and snaps use a new, exclusive galvanizing technology by YKK, significantly reducing the impact on our environment.


An all-plastic line, almost entirely polyamide structure that can be easily recycled together with the nylon garment on which it is sewn, without the need for removal.

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