Today, Katy Muñoz is heading the business, with undisputable expertise in the textile sector. She is the grandchild of the founder of ZD  Zero Defects, and her family owns the brand. Always passionate and committed to their initial philosophy, as a leitmotif.

ZD is a small, family-owned company, making underwear of the best quality and following the techniques of artisans. The human team, mostly women, are specialists in clothes making and highly professional, always dedicated…a great team. Production, business, marketing, and design are united in a single goal: producing superior quality and comfort as priorities.

One hundred years attesting to the professional expertise of ZD Zero Defects

ZD’s 100th anniversary was during the pandemic. In 1920, the business started operating in the heart of Mataró, only 30 km. from Barcelona and the capital city of the district.

In the history of the textile industry sector, Mataró is an evident pioneering company. They started making underwear for babies (onesies, coats, undershirts…) and later on, for men. In those first years, the company’s brand were Caperucita and Caracol. And in the 1970s they chose to innovate under a new perspective, with the addition of stretch cotton fabric for underwear, truly feeling like a second skin.

It was in this context that they created ZD Zero Defects as a brand, originally identifying only underwear for men. In 2012 they expanded, to add lingerie, and using soya thread, a revolutionary fibre because it of its properties: absorption, antibacterial, highly breathable. Today, their products reach many different European countries, and are widely sold in Spain.

The triumph of Helios

Helios, the boxer, and the corresponding Slip Senior, are the two classic products by ZD, both in Egyptian cotton and with the added value of having added Lycra® to cotton for underwear products. Egyptian cotton is a very noble material, of the best quality, easily adapting to the shape and movements of the body. The stretch seams in both products are made flattened by hand so that the skin will never perceive them. Soft and smooth, the results are exceptional and the artisans’ technique make each item unique.


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